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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge the vaporizer battery?

The Vaporizer battery can be recharged in two ways: by connecting it to the Powerbank or via the USB-C cable, connected to the supplied adapter. To recharge the Vaporizer via the Powerbank, just connect it to the magnetic pins and click the Soft-touch button 5 times. On the fifth click, the device will vibrate and start charging.

How can I see the battery level of the Vaporizer?

The battery level of the Vaporizer is visible through the K-shaped LED, which lights up when the Vaporizer is in use: when it is white the battery is charged, when it turns red the battery is low.

How can I check if the Vaporizer is fully charged?

To check if the Vaporizer has reached 100% of the battery, just try to connect it to the powerbank and activate the charge-mode. When the Vaporizer is charged it will not begin the charging process, so the LED will not flash.

What do I do if the Vaporizer doesn't generate steam?

The malfunction could be due to dust settling on the contact pins. Clean the pins thoroughly and try again.

How is the product replaced?

To replace the product, you must log into your personal account, check the validity of the warranty (which can be extended by registering the product serial number) and fill in the RMA form. One of our operators will verify the request and, if necessary, we will replace it.

How can I register my KIWI™?

Register your product to extend the warranty and get KIWI™ Club discounts and benefits.
- Click on "Register your KIWI™"
- Enter the serial number and date of purchase
- Take advantage of all the benefits of the Club that will be offered to you!
The serial is placed on the back of the purchase package.

What do I do if the Vaporizer doesn't generate steam?

The malfunction could be due to dust settling on the contact pins. Clean the pins thoroughly and try again.

How do I charge the Powerbank battery?

The Powerbank can be charged via USB-C cable, connected to the adapter supplied in the pack. Make sure you only use the charging adapter supplied inside the packaging.

How can I see the battery level of the Powerbank?

The battery level of the Powerbank is visible by touching the Soft-touch button once. After the first touch, all three LEDs will light up, and then only those that indicate the actual charge of the Powerbank will remain on.

When the Powerbank is charging with the Vaporizer docked, do they both charge?

Although it is possible to charge both, we recommend that you charge the powerbank first and then the vaporizer.

How do I restart the Powerbank?

Insert the power cable into the Powerbank with the Vaporizer connected, click the Soft-touch button quickly 10 times until the first vibration and at the end of the vibration click quickly 5 more times until the second vibration. At this point, the restart is complete.

Can I charge the Powerbank with a compatible charger?

It is advisable to use only the charger supplied, other compatible chargers do not guarantee correct functioning.

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