Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

KIWI electronic cigarette comes from the need to offer a credible alternative for those who want to quit smoking, combining the benefits of using cigarettes or tobacco heaters, while reducing the risks.

Traditional Cigarette
  • It generates smoke with high percentages of nicotine
  • The filter reduces the amount of harmful substances, but does not eliminate them
  • The smoke is not only generated from tobacco, but also from all the toxic substances that make up the cigarette
  • The consequences of smoking also affect the people around us
  • Combustion generates ash
KIWI Electronic Cigarette
 Our best solution
  • It vaporizes liquid, not necessarily with nicotine
  • The filters recreate the experience of smoking a cigarette
  • It generates steam, free from harmful substances
  • You can choose the flavor that you prefer
  • You don’t have to buy a pack of cigarettes every day
Tobacco Heater
  • Despite being an electronic device, it generates smoke
  • The tobacco heaters are not proper tools to definitively stop smoking
  • The emissions of tobacco heaters are higher than e-cigarettes
  • It contains the same amount of nicotine of cigarettes
  • They often generate unpleasant odors

The perfection of simplicity

Small and powerful, KIWI was designed to be the most ergonomic and satisfying electronic cigarette ever.

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