The benefits of KIWI

The KIWI electronic cigarette was created from the need to offer a credible alternative for those who want to quit smoking, combining the benefits of the experience of using cigarettes and tobacco heaters, while reducing the risks.

The benefits of KIWI

  • It does not heat tobacco, but vaporizes liquids with or without nicotine

  • It does not contain tar

  • It does not cause teeth yellowing

  • It does not emit unpleasant smells

Traditional cigarettes

  • Produce more than 250 toxic substances during combustion

  • Contain tar and ammonia which build up on the lungs

  • Permanently yellow teeth

  • Emit bad odors and passive smoke

Have you ever wondered how much money goes up in smoke?

Calculate how much you could save by switching to KIWI

How many cigarettes do you smoke daily?

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost?

In 6 month

Traditional cigarettes

With KIWI you save

In 1 Year

Traditional cigarettes

With KIWI you save

Estimate based on a daily use of 2.12 ML of Liquid for Electronic Cigarette equivalent to 100 Puffs / 1 Cigarette = 20 puffs. The value shown for traditional cigarettes is intended purely by way of example. The savings value obtained with the KIWI ® electronic cigarette also includes the cost of the device of € 68.90 and is given by the difference with traditional cigarettes.

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