An exceptional

The disposable with ceramic technology


vs traditional cigarettes

Let’s analyze the differences together

Doesn't burn or heat tobacco

The device produces steam and avoids tobacco damage

Does not contain tar

80% of the content of harmful substances canceled

Emits steam

The steam emitted allows to maintain the teeth with their natural color avoiding the yellowing of them

Burns tobacco and emits smoke

The burning of tobacco generates passive smoking and health damage.

Over 8000 harmful substances

Combustion generates over 8000 carcinogens, of which tar and ammonia accumulate in the lungs. *

Social damage

Smoke emits bad odours and yellows teeth permanently

KIWI GO has been designed to radically innovate the disposable industry, rewriting the characteristics of all the other similar devices already on the market.


The disposable with
ceramic technology

Thanks to the innovative ceramic coil technology and the absence of cotton, KIWI GO offers an incredible advantage over other disposable electronic cigarettes on the market. KIWI GO provides up to 25% more puffs, allowing users to enjoy up to 750 puffs with a single device.

Ceramic coil of new generation

Three advantages of ceramic coil

  • More puff
  • Optimal cleaning
  • Silky feel to the pull

World’s first ceramic coil

The new technology allows a final taste feeling more silky.

  • Reduction of aerosol particles by 55%
  • Vaporized aerosol particles of smaller size minimize the blow in the throat.
  • Control system that allows a constant power

Cotton-free structure

Cotton-free structure design maximizes liquid consumption and provides more puffs.

  • Guarantees maximum liquid efficiency.
  • 30% more silky vaping experience.
  • Less liquid leakage while vaping.
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