KIWI™ Starter Kit

Begin your adventure for a
smoke-free everyday.


Simple and intuitive

KIWI doesn’t heat tobacco but vaporizes a liquid, with or without nicotine, that doesn’t smell or leave yellow halos.

Vaporizes liquid

Vaporizes a liquid with or without nicotine. Choose your favorite aroma.


Designed in Italy, KIWI is elegant and modern product.

Magnetic charging system

The magnetic hinge charges and protects your KIWI Pen.

Doesn’t heat Tobacco

The generated aerosol doesn’t smell or leave yellow halos.


Over 72 hours of battery life thanks to the KIWI Powerbank.

Nicotine control

Gradually reducing the percentage of nicotine in the liquids, it’s easier to quit smoking.

Starter KIT

A color for every occasion

Choose your favorite color between ten stunning chromatic tones.


Thanks to the Cotton Tips, faithfully recreates a cigarette shot


The absence of combustion minimizes the risks for your health.

Easy to use

KIWI is a simple and intuitive device that suits every kind of smoker.


KIWI technology, tailormade for you.

Every detail in your KIWI is designed to give maximum satisfaction with minimum effort. This is how we provide a concrete alternative to cigarettes.

Cotton Tips

The Cotton Tips designed by KIWI in 4 fantasies, provide a closed shot, able to resemble the feeling of a cigarette.

Transparent Pod

With the KIWI Pods you can check the gradual consumption of the liquid, without removing the cartridge.

Smart magnetic charging

Powerbank recharges the Pen ensuring you get the charge you need for the entire day.

Customizes and protects your KIWI

Find your match

A rainbow of colors to shield your KIWI Powerbank in style.

KIWI Experience

Are you ready for a journey
to a smoke - free life?

KIWI does not burn or heat tobacco, so it eliminates the risks of cigarettes while preserving the sensations.

KIWI, your smoke - free future starts today.