About Us

A constantly evolving brand

KIWI is much more than a product; it is a universe made of people, partners and inventions that revolutionized an entire industry. These are the achievements we are most proud of:


Active Clients

Over 3 million people have chosen KIWI for a smoke-free life.



KIWI products are distributed in 45 countries through our commercial channels.



Thanks to the more than 40,000 stores that have chosen to work with us, KIWI products are easily accessible to our customers.



Our strategic partnerships on global scale allow us to promptly understand market and people needs, always remaining one step ahead.

Where are we going?

Our Journey

We started from afar and thanks to an endless curiosity and the desire to find innovative solutions for our customers, we have never stopped looking ahead. And even if our horizon remains the future, we'll never forget where we come from:



In 2019, KIWI Vapor was founded by Vapor International with a very specific mission: offer to all smokers a simple and effective alternative to tobacco.


Product’s launch on italian market

Three months later, the KIWI Starter Kit, which represents the center of our project, was launched in Italy, experiencing enormous success right from the start.


A new producer: Smoore

In 2020, the partnership with the high-tech giant Smoore, a manufacturer of cutting-edge atomization technologies, gave us the competitive advantage to take our projects beyond the frontiers of innovation.


Launch on main european markets

In 2021, new agreements with large European distributions allowed us to enter the major national markets of the continent.


Entry into large global distribution

In 2022, thanks to the participation in the most important trade fairs in the world and the great work of our sales department, we entered the most important global distribution channels.


The evolution of KIWI: KIWI 2

In 2023, we marked another important chapter in our history with the launch of KIWI 2, an innovative evolution of our commitment to providing high-quality solutions for our customers.


Towards the future and beyond

Today, we look to the future with an innovative spirit and the optimism that has always guided us in designing solutions that create well-being and satisfaction for our customers.

Our Values

The context and conditions in which we operate often change. What does not change, however, is our customer-oriented approach and the values that accompany us along this path.

Customer first

Our brand is built by studying the needs of our customers. We imagine KIWI as a journey towards a better life, in which each step is faced together.


Research and development are the elements on which our ideas take shape. Thanks to a dedicated team, we guarantee quality and constant innovation.


The design of KIWI is 100% made in Italy, and this choice reflects our dedication to deliver to our clients unique products, which are not only highly functional, but also bringers of a high aesthetic value and made with premium materials.


Partnerships of excellence, one above all that with our global producer Smoore, world leader in the creation of cutting-edge atomization systems, allows us to use advanced technologies that guarantee excellent performance and extraordinary aromatic yield.


KIWI is designed to faithfully replicate the tactile sensations and shot quality of a traditional cigarette. In fact, there is no tobacco in any form inside the device, but a flavored liquid that is vaporized.


By avoiding the combustion or heating of tobacco, KIWI eliminates the risks associated with the combustion of cigarettes. In addition, you can use liquids with different grades of nicotine, to be gradually reduced to zero, to build your path to a smoke-free life step by step.

Your life’s journey without smoke starts now.

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