A new generation of vaping has landed in the UAE: KIWI sales are ready to start!

After launching in Oceania with sales already open in Australia, KIWI has also arrived in the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to the collaboration with MyVapery, KIWI will be distributed in the UAE market giving more and more people the opportunity to improve their lives by changing their daily negative habits.


The vaping market in the United Arab Emirates

The vaping market in the UAE is relatively new, as electronic cigarettes were only authorized in 2019

Despite this, the vaping industry has made significant progress in the area, which is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative regions in the world.

In 2018, an assessment of the electronic cigarette market in the Middle East and Africa was conducted, which estimated a market size of $267.9 million. According to this study, the entire industry is expected to experience a minimum growth rate of 9.74% between 2019-2024.

The World Vape Show, a significant event based in Dubai, has played a significant role in boosting the vaping industry in the UAE. The trade show has brought many consumers to know the products related to the vaping market and has brought many companies and experts to invest in the territory of the United Arab Emirates.


KIWI presence at the World Vape Show

KIWI has already been present at the World Vape Show in September 2021 and June 2022, presenting to the Emirate world the technology and the design of the product that is literally changing the entire vaping sector in Italy, Europe, and internationally.

KIWI will also be present at the World Vape Show 2023 which will take place from 21 to 23 June, as in previous years, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DWTC).

Last year, the trade show hosted over 20,000 visitors from all over the world, who were eager to discover more about the vaping industry and the big players, including KIWI Vapor.


KIWI products in UAE

The first two KIWI products that will be available and on sale within the region will be two: KIWI Pen, KIWI Powerbank, Cotton Tips and Pods.

KIWI Pen has been designed from the ground up to be the most ergonomic and satisfying electronic cigarette ever and its many features allow the device to fully meet expectations.