KIWI: the first Italian electronic cigarette lands in Japan

After its arrival in Australia and the United Arab Emirates, KIWI is now entering Japan, a country that is a true reference for innovation and technology worldwide.

Thanks to the collaboration with BEYOND VAPE JAPAN, KIWI will be distributed in the Japanese market, giving more and more people the opportunity to change their habits and improve their lifestyles.


Vaping in Japan: an unstoppable growth

Japan is currently witnessing a revolution in the smoking world with the increasing popularity of vaping. Electronic cigarettes are a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco, and more and more smokers to embrace this new trend.

The vaping industry in Japan has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the growing awareness of the damage caused by traditional smoking and the search for healthier options. Government restrictions and regulations on the use of electronic cigarettes, thus protecting consumers.

The largest multinational company in Japan recently released its sector's financial results: cigarette sales decreased by over 18% in 2022, surpassing the 11% decline in sales observed in 2021. To provide a practical perspective, traditional cigarette sales in Japan during the first 9 months of 2016 amounted to 144.8 billion, however, six years later, during the same period in 2022, they were 72.9 billion.

In Japan the market for conventional cigarettes has literally halved in the last 6 years. This epochal revolution demonstrates how the global journey towards a smoke-free world is rapidly approaching its goal.


The first KIWI products in Japan

Initially, the KIWI products available and for sale within the Asian country will be: KIWI Pen, KIWI Powerbank, Cotton Tips, Pen Caps, and Pods.


KIWI Pen has been designed with an ergonomic shape that aims to offer maximum satisfaction to users. With its multiple features, the device exceeds users' expectations. Here are some key features of KIWI Pen:

  • Familiar experience - The device has been designed to simulate the draw of a traditional cigarette, offering users a reassuring and comfortable experience.
  • Plastic drip tip - The presence of a plastic drip tip allows for a more airy draw, ensuring optimal airflow during inhalation.
  • Pen Cap
  • Vibration system - KIWI Pen has a vibration system that provides tactile feedback after 20 puffs, allowing users to easily monitor their consumption.
  • Versatile charging options - KIWI Pen can be charged either through the dedicated KIWI Powerbank or via the USB-C cable, offering flexible options to keep the device always ready for use.
  • Long-lasting battery - With a 400 mAh battery, KIWI Pen ensures extended usage time, allowing users to enjoy their vaping experience for longer periods before needing to recharge.


KIWI Powerbank is the ideal partner for KIWI Pen, offering features that further enhance the electronic pen's user experience:

  • Magnetic connection - Thanks to the magnetic connection mechanism, the Powerbank allows convenient charging of the KIWI Pen without additional cables or connectors, simplifying the charging process.
  • Reliable Protection - The Powerbank is designed to provide reliable protection against accidental impacts, keeping the KIWI Pen safe from damage or scratches during transportation or daily use.
  • Soft-touch technology - The presence of Soft-touch technology offers a smooth and pleasant surface to touch, eliminating the need for additional buttons or slots. This contributes to the quick and essential use of the Powerbank, offering a simple and elegant experience.
  • High-capacity battery - With a 1450 mAh battery, the Powerbank provides ample power autonomy, allowing for multiple recharges of the KIWI Pen before needing to recharge itself.
  • USB-C charging - The Powerbank can be easily recharged using a USB-C cable, which is a standard and widely available option, enabling convenient and compatible charging with many other devices.

We are delighted to announce that KIWI has successfully entered the Japanese market through our valuable collaboration with the distributor Beyond Vape. This achievement fills us with pride as it allows us to offer a viable alternative to an increasing number of people in Japan.

The presence of KIWI in a country where our industry is already well-developed provides an opportunity for those still tied to old and negative habits to explore the world of vaping and discover the benefits and satisfying experiences offered by our products.

KIWI awaits you in Japan!