KIWI Vapor: TPD Compliance Guide with Inter Scientific

During the last months the territorial expansion of KIWI has been rapid and continuous over time. This has generated a lot of pride for the whole team, but clearly, on the other hand, a lot of responsibility.

A lot of responsibility especially because KIWI is increasingly a leading brand in the vaping sector, this implies the obligation to comply with all the regulations (including the TPD) that vary partially from country to country.

In order to stay in line with all the regulations and continue the expansion of the KIWI brand, we have relied on the leading company Inter Scientific.

But let’s start from the beginning:

What is the TPD compliant?

The entire Vaping market in the European continent is regulated by the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) that in Italy was implemented in 2017.

The purpose of the TPD standard is to protect the consumers’ health and to monitor the products that are placed on the market. Moreover besides the normative European picture adds that the national defines the commercial row with the specific authorizations released from the Agency of Customs and the Monopolies (ADM)

The TPD is a legislative decree (2014/40/EU) of the European Union that regulates the market of tobacco products and products containing nicotine (such as e-cig).

The standard aims to create a regulatory framework to identify the products placed on the (European) market, their quality and correct information to users.


How Inter Scientific supported KIWI Vapor?

Interscientific provided invaluable support in the face of complex and detailed international regulations. After carefully evaluating our processes, products, and documentation of compliance with current standards, Interscientific proposed us a clear framework that met all the required requirements.

In addition, Interscientific has committed to assisting us with TPD/TRPD notifications and has positioned itself as our responsible entity in the UK.


The result of the collaboration with Inter Scientific

The collaboration with Inter Scientific has simplified our expansion and our acquisition of new customers and new markets: such as the Middle East, the US, the EU, the UK and Egypt.

Our team now has the knowledge and tools to continue advancing and staying compliant. As such, we will continue to grow by helping to fight traditional smoking with safer and more regulated products and devices in the electronic cigarette industry.