KIWI has landed in Oceania: sales begin in Australia!

The world’s first Italian vaping device in Australia

After months of hard work and design, we are proud to announce that KIWI is the first Italian brand in the vaping industry to officially land in Australia. Our company is expanding greatly by making its mark in a new continent: Oceania. Sales within the Australian territory have just begun, and the experience, technology, and design that distinguish KIWI are quickly gaining popularity all over the world. This success shows us how the device is helping more and more people to abandon old, harmful habits in favor of a better alternative.


The vaping market in Australia

The vaping market in Australia has grown significantly, and over the years, many laws have been enacted to address consumer safety concerns.

In all states, it is not illegal to possess an e-cigarette as long as it is without nicotine. However, inhaling from an e-cigarette is included in smoking bans in Queensland.

From 1 October 2021, Australians will need a prescription to legally access nicotine containing ecigarette products for any purpose.

As a result, all electronic cigarette users must be aware of the laws in their territory before making a purchase of a vaping-related device. It is important to understand how to use these devices while remaining in compliance with the laws in force.

Industrial cigarettes and KIWI compared

Cigarette smoking has always been considered a serious health threat, but the severity of the damage related to industrial cigarette smoking is increasing significantly. Very few people truly understand the harm that industrial and traditional cigarettes can cause to the body of smokers.

Let's examine four harmful effects of traditional cigarettes:

  • Contains tar and ammonia that accumulate in the lungs
  • Causes teeth to yellow permanently
  • Delivers unpleasant odors and passive smoke

A legitimate question is whether electronic cigarettes are less harmful. To answer this question, we need to analyze objective data and facts.

KIWI was created to improve people’s lives by eliminating bad and harmful habits from their daily lives.

Here are the effects of KIWI compared to the previous list:

  • KIWI vaporizes liquids, with or without nicotine, rather than heating tobacco
  • KIWI doesn’t contain tar
  • The use of KIWI does not cause yellowing of teeth.
  • KIWI doesn’t emit unpleasant odors.


KIWI pioneer of the vaping market worldwide

The vaping market is currently undergoing rapid expansion, and we at KIWI are proud to be a part of this revolution that is changing people's lives and habits for the better. Our company was founded with the goal of improving people's lives and steering them away from harmful paths, both physical and mental. Today, with the tireless work of all our resources, we have successfully landed in a new continent, and we are thrilled to continue pursuing our mission with even greater strength and commitment.

KIWI will be present in Oceanic territory thanks to the distribution of SMOKEMART, thanks to this collaboration more and more people will experience the unmistakable KIWI.

KIWI Vapor is now available in Australia, and we look forward to welcoming you there, Aussies!