KIWI: winner at the MENA Vape Awards

Despite its market launch nearly three years ago, the KIWI device continues to garner recognition and awards, attesting to its sustained success over time. The recent recognition received at the Mena Vape Awards further underscores the ongoing acclaim for this product. This achievement serves as a testament to the dedication of our team, who consistently engage in research and leverage our available resources to drive innovation and enhance the lives of millions of individuals.

However, a recurring question arises: What factors have contributed to KIWI's enduring presence in the market, ensuring it remains more than a passing trend and instead becomes an integral part of the daily lives of countless users?

Let us delve into this inquiry together.

The success of KIWI over the years

Over the years, our device has become a true leader in the global vaping industry.

One of the main reasons is its clear mission from the beginning: to provide traditional cigarette smokers with a simple alternative to quit smoking.

Let's conduct a proper analysis. What are the advantages of KIWI compared to traditional cigarettes?

The main benefit of using KIWI is related to health and stems from the absence of combustion, thereby avoiding the inhalation of carcinogenic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Supporting this fact is Dr. Fabio Beatrice from the Smoking Cessation Center at San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin, who stated in his study published on October 15, 2019, that "E-cigarettes represent a viable smoking cessation option, significantly reducing the levels of combustion markers in exhaled breath, ensuring a high level of compliance at least six months after the transition and can be chosen based on the degree of nicotine dependence."

In addition to the well-known health benefit, there are other advantages of KIWI that can be classified into 5 categories:

Nicotine - The amount of nicotine present in the liquids used in KIWI is lower compared to traditional cigarettes, and as mentioned earlier, it can be further reduced to reach zero.

Flavor - The ability to choose from a wide variety of flavors allows for a personalized experience with KIWI. The liquids used in the coils, containing vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, can be enriched with tobacco-like flavors (without containing actual tobacco but reproducing its taste), fruity flavors, sweet flavors, or a menthol note (providing a refreshing sensation).

Social benefits - People using KIWI can address several practical issues such as eliminating the unpleasant odor left by traditional cigarettes in environments and on clothing, while also avoiding tooth discoloration and bad breath. The testimony comes from Riccardo Polosa, a professor at the University of Catania, who, in his study "Repeatability of dental shade by digital spectrophotometry in current, former, and never smokers", conducted in collaboration with Giovanni Zucchelli, a Periodontology professor at the University of Bologna, states: "We are proud of the results of our research, which demonstrate that the teeth of traditional cigarette smokers are much less white. Furthermore, the tooth whiteness index of former smokers falls in an intermediate position between smokers and non-smokers."

Ritualistic aspect - KIWI accurately replicates the sensation of a traditional cigarette, making it a valid "simple alternative to quit smoking."

Economic advantages - After purchasing KIWI, the only necessary expenses will be for purchasing the liquids. A regular tobacco smoker consuming at least 5 packs per week can save over 900 euros per year by using KIWI.


The award ceremony at the Mena Vape Awards


Our new device has received the award for "Best Open Pod System" at the Mena Vape Awards.

This recognition and esteem fill us with pride and truly validate the months of hard work dedicated to the research and technological development of KIWI. It demonstrates that our efforts have paid off, resulting in an exceptional outcome from every perspective.

A 2023 full of innovations

After the announcement and release of KIWI GO, the first disposable e-cigarette with Ceramic Coil, the second half of 2023 is shaping up to be a crucial and exciting period for KIWI and our entire team.

The entire vaping industry is eagerly anticipating the pleasant surprises that our team's innovations will bring.

Stay tuned for more updates!