The KIWI Store project starts. Here's where it will be the first official store.

The waiting period is almost over, the first official KIWI Store is about to open its doors finally.

After months of work by the whole team, we are pleased to announce officially that on February 4th will open the first KIWI Store in the world.

The first "flag" of the great project of the official stores is based in Milan, the city of Italian style and innovation.

Milan is only the first of many other centers that will host a real invasion of the official physical stores. This is because the KIWI Store idea was born above all as a business project for the large KIWI community composed of entrepreneurs and relevant and far-sighted figures.

Our Mission

Since its founding, the goal of KIWI has been to create a wind of change in the lives of people who for years have fallen into a vicious circle surrounded by negative habits.

KIWI's innovation and technology allow you to experience the sensations of a traditional cigarette but with a long-term perspective of rebirth and change.


The KIWI Store project

The project was born to generate a physical expansion as well as media, making KIWI and its countless services, accessible to everyone constantly.


The services of the KIWI Store

Business stores will allow you to enjoy the following personalized services, designed specifically for KIWI Store project:

  • SUPPORT - Every KIWI Store will be an exclusive service center in the city of reference


  • EXPERIENCE - Every Store customer will discover the products with a multimedia and interactive path


  • TRIAL - Every customer of the Store can try the KIWI for a week.


The opening of the first official KIWI Store

The first official physical store KIWI will open in Milan on February 4th, a big opening party will kick off the project KIWI Store, at 18:00 in the store. Via Corso di Porta Ticinese 50, (Colonne di San Lorenzo).


Try your KIWI for a week for free

Inside the new KIWI Store you will have the opportunity to try KIWI for a week thanks to the Trial Service and the advice of our staff inside the store.

If you decide that KIWI does not suit you, you can safely return it after 7 days at no cost.

A unique and extraordinary experience

Inside the store you will have the opportunity to fully discover the world of KIWI, trying our products and choosing the flavors that are right for you! 

Our coaches will guide you through your meticulous selection process.

The KIWI Store project has officially started and the company’s vision continues to expand.

We are waiting for you at the opening party for the first official physical store!

Sign up for the store opening event via this link.