Traditional tobacco cigarettes vs KIWI

Everybody knows the risks associated with smoking tobacco, which were studied in detail in the last 40 years by specialized research centers, both public and private. In the past decades a consistent number of clinical trials pointed out the undeniable damages caused by traditional cigarettes.

But what if there was an alternative to eliminate the hazards associated with smoking without giving up the connected habits and gestures?

Traditional cigarettes, how do they work?

In a traditional cigarette a cylindrical paper overlay wraps the processed tobacco, keeping it compact. When we light the external layer, the cigarette releases a high number of harmful substances (over 70) like tar, hydrocarbons and volatile metals

Furthermore, each cigarette contains between 1 and 2 mg of nicotine. It is important to know that nicotine, besides being noxious for our health, is a psychoactive substance directly responsible for the addiction to tobacco. In fact, by binding to specific receptors in our brain, nicotine stimulates the secretion of a specific category of neurotransmitters accountable for a boost in dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone responsible for emotions like joy and pleasure. 

Electronic cigarettes, how do they work?

E-cigarettes have little to nothing in common with tobacco cigarettes. Even though there is a wide choice of hardwares, the enabling technology is quite standard. 

Let’s see how that works: the battery transmits energy to the atomizer, which in turn vaporizes the liquid inside the coil, that is now ready to be inhaled

Since there isn't any combustion the release of harmful substances like tar, hydrocarbons and volatile metals is reduced to the minimum.

Moreover, the concentration of nicotine inside e-liquids is, on average, significantly lower, and it’s even possible to choose products with no nicotine inside. There are detailed guidelines, which can be easily found online, that report the percentages of nicotine suggested for people who are quitting smoking for e-cigs, in order to progressively reduce the amounts till reaching the net zero point. 

KIWI: what is it and what pros does it give to its customers?

KIWI, which is a leader in the Italian vaping market, was born with a clear mission: helping people to quit smoking, providing them a simple alternative to give up cigarettes. But let’s take a step back: which are the advantages of e-cigs over traditional smoking? 

Besides the already discussed, indisputable benefits for our health, connected with the absence of combustion and, in turn, the substantially lower quantity of chemicals inhaled, there are pros connected to 5 categories:

Nicotine: the concentration of this substance, hurtful for our cardiovascular system, is way lower in e-liquids compared to the quantity found inside traditional cigarettes.

- Gestures: cutting edge devices like KIWI, that invests high stakes of resources in R&D, are able to faithfully reproduce the feeling of a cigarette, eradicating the risks associated with tobacco. And this is how KIWI offers a real, "simple alternative to quit smoking".

Aroma: being able to choose from a wide range of different, sometimes elaborate tastes users can personalize the experience connected to e-cigs. In fact, besides containing propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, e-liquids can be enriched with flavors ranging from distilled tobacco to fruity juices, and sweet or minty aromas. 

- Practical and social advantages: using an e-cigarette instead of a traditional one will solve all the problems related to: bed smells, halitosis and yellow halos that smoking leaves on teeth. Moreover, since the social stigma associated with electronic cigarettes is less intense, people will be relatively free to vape in public spots.

- Economic advantages: after you buy the hardware, which price can vary between different models, the only expense you’ll face will be for e-liquids. This will allow a regular tobacco smoker to save over 900 euros a year.


In short, given all the elements that have been taken into consideration in this article and the numerous short-middle term clinical trials conducted, it is evident how e-cigs like KIWI not only limit the risks associated with tobacco, but can represent a real, simple alternative to quit smoking. In fact, it is important to highlight the fast pace at which the Italian vaping market is growing: in 2022 the sales figures related to this market are estimated to set a new record of 470 million euros.