KIWI: an explosion of new colors

KIWI design

KIWI, which entered the market a little over 18 months ago, quickly gained a stable and consistent market share. With over 200.000 active clients in Italy and over 600.000 globally, KIWI is one of the most valued brands by national and international customers, as shown by surveys as well as spontaneous feedback.

One of the main characteristics that differentiate KIWI from competition is its 100% made in Italy design, whose details are carefully studied to catch the attention of the most demanding eye, thanks to its essential and dynamic shapeKIWI has an ergonomic handle that allows a prolonged use without fatigue.

Moreover, the long-limbered and tapered silhouette, which resembles the one a cigarette, together with other technical features aims to recreate a set of gestures and sensations linked to the smoking of tobacco, thus eliminating the risks.

KIWI features 

In fact, KIWI’s mission is to provide a simple and concrete alternative for a life without smoking. The way our brand tackles this challenge is implementing an intuitive, modern technology, which comprises: 

-       A magnetic Powerbank that protects and charges the KIWI Pen, ensuring over 72 hours of battery life

-       Soft touch technology that replaces buttons and uncomfortable cracks, making the device easier to use. 

-       The Cotton Tips, lodged in the vertical hole of the KIWI Pod, that besides functioning as an anti-condensation system, faithfully reproduce a closed and contrasted cigarette-like shot, thus eliminating the health risks since KIWI doesn’t burn nor heat tobacco

Thanks to these distinctive characteristics that make KIWI a unique product, our brand is revolutionizing the vaping market with its constant innovation process.  

The new colors of the KIWI Starter Kit

Doubtless, the most important innovation of the last months is the extension of the color range for KIWI Starter Kits, now available in three new colors: Fury Green, Light Yellow and Navy Blue

After a long creative process, where we started from the roots of the natural world, we found our inspirations in its elements and the balance between them. After mindfully studying the elements of water, light and vegetation we created KIWI's new colors, three vivid chromatic tones, that perfectly fit summer and its bright shades, meant to enrich a fresh mood to be shown off under the boiling sun ora by the seashore.

Personalize your style with KIWI

Thanks to nine extraordinary shades of color, from the darkest tones, like the iconic Iron Gate or the seductive Midnight Green, to the brighter ones like Space Violet, to the new summery colors that just hit the market, KIWI allows you to create an infinite number of combinations to personalize your Starter Kit and your looks.

Thanks to the magnetic hinge of the Powerbank, you can match different colors or change your monochromatic kits to fit with the situation and with your daily needs. Moreover, matching your Starter Kit with a Silicone Case will ensure even greater chances of personalizing your original moods and setting new trends.

When it comes to Silicone Cases and the surprises about it, we could open a whole new chapter, but for now we will stop here. Stay tuned to find out about all the news from the KIWI world.