KIWI at VAPEXPO in Lyon to show its latest innovations

The international show season is finally back on track and after attending major events such as the TPE in Las Vegas, USA and the EVO NXT in Malaga, our team is getting ready for the next stop in France.

We are pleased to announce our presence at VAPEXPO in Lyon, a prestigious international fair that represents a reference point for the entire vaping market. We are excited to present our new products and to meet the representatives of the most important companies in the industry.

With 16 editions behind it, the VAPEXPO has become the main event in the industry, a unique opportunity for insiders and companies in the smoking and vaping market. For this reason, KIWI decided to participate, becoming a protagonist of this event.

VAPEXPO is an unmissable event for all the most important companies and professionals that orbit the ecosystem of smoking and vaping, for this reason KIWI could not miss.

Vaping market in France

The percentage of Vapers present in France is 5.8% among the population aged 18 or over and the vaping market, only in 2021, in France had a turnover of one billion euros.

These numbers testify how the vaping industry is constantly expanding and developing and we at KIWI are absolutely convinced that we are playing a leading role in this great growth.


The evolution of IWIK over time

During the past VAPEXPO in Paris in 2022 our team presented the device that revolutionized the disposable market last year: IWIK.

IWIK, released in September 2022 has established itself in the vaping market revolutionizing literally the concept of disposable device. All this thanks to its minimalist and ergonomic design but especially to the Mesh technology inside, which allows rapid cooling following each use.

Months later, the disposable cigarette designed entirely in Italy by KIWI team has registered millions of sold pieces bringing KIWI experience, technology and design within the everyday life of millions of people.


KIWI ready to present its latest news

Our team will take the opportunity of VAPEXPO to officially present the news we have planned for the coming months, also sharing the long-term vision of our company and our new products that the research and development team is designing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the next KIWI news.

Visit us on April 16th and 17th in Lyon for the VAPEXPO.

Our team is waiting for you at booth C12.

On se voit à Lyon!