KIWI flies at the Intertabac in Dortmund

A new international challenge for KIWI

After a hot and busy summer KIWI is ready and full of energy to restart and bring a new innovation to Vape’s market around the world. First stop in September with Dortmund Intertabac 2022.

The German fair of Dortmund is one of the most important in the world and it gathers the market of the world’s largest producers of tobacco products since years, precisely from 1990. An event of such international importance KIWI could not miss, the company will take this opportunity to present all the news for the season on the restart.

Vape’s German Market

Germany has a fundamental role inside the European Vape Market of last years, it is shown by the data of 550 millions of sales in 2018. This is probably due to the fact that the German country is within the top 30 of the most smoking countries in the world with 28% of the population smoking tobacco daily. The nation counts approximately 1.5 million vapers.

News in KIWI house

Great enthusiasm for the news of KIWI, the company pleased to participate in this international event, will use the Intertabac 2022 of Dortmund to present two new products and many other news coming during the coming months.

IWIK: the new disposable designed by KIWI 

During the German fair KIWI there will be the presentation of IWIK, the disposable by KIWI launched on the market after a long wait. The minimalist design, ease of use and variety of tastes with a wide aromatic profile make this product a market revolution during the trend of disposables. Certainly there is a lot of waiting for the first disposable designed in Italy and powered by KIWI.


KIWI awaits you at the Intertabac in Dortmund!