KIWI: the innovative electronic cigarette now also available in Jordan

The global expansion of KIWI is ongoing, and today, we are excited to announce our expansion into Jordan!

Jordan is a rapidly developing country with rich historical and cultural significance.

Through our partnership with Elite Vape, KIWI will now be available in Jordan, providing more people with the opportunity to transform their habits and enhance their lifestyle with an innovative alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The Jordan vaping market: how KIWI will help the population

The traditional tobacco market in Jordan has historically been well-established. In recent years, the government has implemented a series of laws and regulations aimed at reducing the prevalence of smoking in the country.

According to statistics from 2020, Jordan had one of the highest percentages of daily tobacco and nicotine product users, with 82% of men being daily smokers.

Furthermore, a study conducted by The Guardian revealed that the average number of cigarettes consumed daily by smokers in Jordan exceeded 21. This data underscores the significant prevalence of smoking in the country.



The vaping market indeed has the potential to make a significant impact in a country like Jordan, which has a high percentage of traditional cigarette smokers. Jordan appears to be undergoing a vaping revolution, and KIWI aims to play a pivotal role in promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing the health risks associated with traditional smoking for a majority of the population.

The first KIWI products in Jordan

Firstly the KIWI products that will be available and on sale within the borders of Jordan will be:

  • KIWI Pen
  • KIWI Powerbank
  • Cotton Tips
  • Pods


The technology of KIWI devices aims to bring a real generational innovation in a country where traditional smoking has ruled and put at risk the lives of many people for years.


Thanks to the valuable collaboration with distributor Elite Vape, we are excited to announce that KIWI has reached the banks of the Jordan River.

This result is a source of great pride as it enables us to provide a high-quality solution in a territory that greatly will benefit from it.


KIWI is waiting for you in Jordan!