Next Stop? Germany, here we come!

Where to go? Hall of Vape Stuttgart 2022! 

Almost three years have passed since the last Hall of Vape, which was held in November 2019 in the same arena where it is going to be held between the 25th and 26th of June: the Stuttgarter Messe Und, in Stuttgart. It’s one of the most modern hangars in the world, renowned for its avant-garde architectures, and it offers 50.000 m2 of exhibit space, divided between 16 pavilions and two congressional halls. Stuttgarter Messe Und, which is a much-appreciated venue, it’s only 4 kms away from the city center, still it is surrounded by greenery. 

The first edition of the Hall of Vape astonishingly opened the doors of the German vaping market to customers and the most valued brands from all over the globe. With over 23.000 people attending the event, more than 450 firms involved and 780 brands displayed on the numerous stands, this expo is considered the most important vape show in Europe. After positive feedback from recent trade fairs, KIWI is ready to leave its mark in Germany as well.

About us

KIWI is a cutting-edge e-cigarette, that integrates an in house developed innovative technology into a made in Italy designed device with a modern and essential shape, and functional ergonomic handle, all of which make KIWI a cool and trendy product for all customers.

Thanks to its distinctive technical qualities, KIWI is revolutionizing the vaping market, becoming one the most appreciated devices by vapers of all kinds. With the Cotton Tips, designed in 4 different colorful patterns, KIWI aims to reproduce a closed and contrasted MTL cigarette-like shot, recreating the tactile feeling and overall sensation of smoking tobacco, thus eliminating the connected health risks. Other features that allowed KIWI to become dominant on international markets are the soft touch technology, that replaced all the buttons and displays, making KIWI easier to use, and the smart magnetic charging system, which creates a perfect match between the Pen and the Powerbank, ensuring over 72 hours of battery life.

The German vaping market

In Germany, the vaping business is booming, making it one of the biggest markets in the world. In 2021, its revenues were around 1.1 billion dollars, growing at 1.26% rate year by year, which, in turn, will bring around 20 extra million dollars this year compared to the previous. Anyways, given the high population and the already stunning dimensions of the market, it’s hard to make accurate forecasts in terms of revenues and demographics. 

KIWI is ready to welcome you at the Hall of Vape 2022 Stuttgart

After our second round in Dubai, where we tightened the bonds with our local partner and met a vast number of international clients, we are ready to take off, next stop: Stuttgart, to attend the Hall of Vape 2022, a significant occasion to show our innovative products to the German vaping market. The people that want to enter into the KIWI world will be welcome at our C05 stand in Stuttgarter Messe Und.

As told by the organization, the timetable will be as follows:

-       On Saturday June 25th, 9.00 – 12.00 will be dedicated to B2B events, while 12.00 – 18.00 will be B2C focused. 

-       On Sunday June 26th, the timetable will stay the same, with only one difference: the expo will close 2 hours earlier. 

KIWI will be happy to welcome you at this year’s Hall of Vape, to show you all the surprises we have in store for you and to walk with you towards a smoke-free life.