Where to find KIWI in 2023: Find all Italian and international presences.

The year 2022 was a time of significant innovation and growth for our company. National and international trade shows have greatly aided us in making deals and connecting with individuals who have helped us achieve our goal of revolutionizing people's lives, which has always been the primary goal of KIWI.

2023 promises to be even more exciting, with the introduction of new products and numerous confirmed appearances at Italian and international events.


The launch of numerous new products is already in the works.

This year will be crucial for the growth of our company.

The entire team is working hard to make the next 12 months even more innovative and transformative.

We at KIWI are eager to release these new products and continue to have a significant impact on the daily lives of those who choose to improve their habits and lifestyles.

The disposable market
In the last months of 2022 we released IWIK, the revolutionary disposable that thanks to its design and technology has literally driven the entire industry crazy.

The IWIK MAX has also been released on the market for a few weeks now, showing faster and faster progress for KIWI and its online products.

Many novelties are also planned for the disposable market, with IWIK destined to become increasingly a protagonist in the industry.


Expanding into General Events in 2023

We have already confirmed our participation in events that will impact not just the vaping market but the tobacco industry as a whole in 2023.

This expansion and participation in these events demonstrates the tremendous growth our company has planned, and our desire to make a significant contribution to the fight against smoking.

Exhibitions and events scheduled in 2023

We have many events ahead of us around the world, and our desire to change it with KIWI is stronger than ever! Here's where you can find us in 2023:


  • VapeNet Middle East - February 8th - 10th
  • TPE Las Vegas - February 22nd - 24th


  • ExVapo Napoli - March 4th - 5th
  • EVO NXT Malaga - March 10th - 11th


  • Vapexpo Lyon 2023 - April 16th - 17th
  • NCS Birmingham - April 24th - 26th


  • The Hall Of Vape -  May 5th - 6th
  • CosmoFarma Bologna - May 5th - 7th
  • T2000 Bari - May 13th - 14th
  • Vapitaly Verona - May 27th - 29th


  • WVS Dubai - June 21st - 23rd
  • T2000 Roma - June 24th - 25th


  • MEVS VAPE SHOW Cairo - July 6th - 8th


  • Intertabac Dortmund - September 14th - 16th


  • T2000 Padova - October 21th - 22nd


At each of the 15 scheduled events, our team will be waiting for you at our official booth to take you through the complete KIWI experience.


2023 has just begun and it will surely be a year of continued revolution for the vaping industry, largely due to KIWI's continuous innovative efforts to change people's lives.


The journey of change has only just begun!