KIWI 1 Starter Kit

Choose KIWI Starter Kit and start your journey to a life without smoking!

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Choose between Cotton Tips and polycarbonate filters
  • Ergonomic silhouette and a premium aromatic yield to provide the highest satisfaction
  • The magnetic KIWI Powerbank charges and shields your KIWI Pen
  • The convenient soft touch replaces bulky stilts and buttons
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€ 12 for EU countries
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KIWI Starter Kit

The simple and intuitive electronic cigarette

KIWI was created with the aim of providing a viable alternative for people who want to quit smoking, matching the health benefits of electronic cigarettes with the ability to replicate a traditional cigarette shot. KIWI does not burn or heat tobacco but vaporizes a liquid with or without nicotine.

The aerosol steamed in the process doesn’t smell or leave yellow halos. KIWI Magnetic Powerbank recharges your KIWI up to 3 times in a row, making sure you have enough battery life for the whole day.

  • Essential
  • Modern
  • Functional

KIWI Artic White

An "Arctic" design. Even more sophisticated.

KIWI Artic White gives a boost to the experience of always, with an essential and studied design.

The style perfectly represents the balance between harmony and purity of the Starter Kit, Pen and Powerbank devices. The white cap of the pen has never been so bright and makes the design even more uniform and minimalist.

Liquid refill

Extreme precision. Taste your favourite aromas without missing a single drop, with KIWI leaking-proof cartridges.

USB-C charging system

Velocity and power. Recharge your KIWI pen using a USB-C cable.

Transparent Pod

Total control. KIWI Pods let you check the liquid level without pulling it out.

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Low-liquid reminder

The device recognises that the liquid in the Pod is running low and alerts you when it needs to be refilled.

Smart-vibration Technology

The Pen offers an advanced user experience thanks to its built-in vibration system, which is activated during use and contributes to an overall enhanced sensation.

Metal body reinforcement

The reinforced aluminum alloy body provides the device with increased resistance to drops, eliminating worries in case of accidental situations.

Stand-up design

The design allows the product to be positioned both horizontally and vertically, offering flexibility in use.

Compatibility with the Pre Filled Pods

The device is compatible with the new Pre Filled Pods.


  • Included in the package

    KIWI 1 Powerbank

    KIWI 1 Pen

    Refillable Pod

    Drip Tip

    Cotton Tip

    AC Charger

    USB-C Cable

  • Powerbank capacity
  • Pen capacity
  • Materials
    ABS + Polycarbonate
  • Weight
    87.45 g
  • Pod Capacity
    1.8 ml of liquid for electronic cigarette
  • Warranty
    12 months, or 24 months if the device is registered in the reserved area within 90 days after purchase.
  • Note
    This product contains Nickel, a metal that can cause allergic reactions.