10 ways to take care of your KIWI

Taking care of your KIWI is the basis for a longer lasting device

In this article we see together 10 simple tips to keep your KIWI safe and with a great performance.


1. Change the Pod regularly

As you know, the KIWI Pods have to be replaced regularly to always have a perfect feeling of taste.

But when is it time to change the Pod?

Here are 3 clues that will help you understand that it’s time for a new Pod:

  1. Fluid loss between Pod and Pen
  2. Different aroma and feeling than usual
  3. Loss of fluid in the mouth after use.


2. Remove the Pod when traveling by plane

One way that very few know, to preserve your KIWI, is to remove the Pod from the connection with the Pen during your air travel.

This is recommended because changing pressure may damage the Pen and the liquid inside the KIWI Pod.


3. Use Pen Cap to Protect Your Tips

About the protection of Tips, let’s talk about the latest product launched by KIWI, the Pen Cap.

This product, born from constant company innovation and the priority listening of KIWI customers, allows maximum hygiene and protection of the tips thanks to 100% silicone material. In addition, the groove in the KIWI Pods allows you to carry the Pen Cap always with you and to be able to remove it without losing it.

Using the Pen Cap will allow you to safeguard your KIWI and maintain a high performance of the device.


4. Avoid high temperatures

A fundamental advice to avoid problems with your KIWI is not to expose it to high temperatures, these could overheat the device and damage the liquid inside the Pod.


5. Store KIWI in clean and hygienic spaces

When you’re not using KIWI, it’s important how and where you store it. Try to avoid dirty and dusty spaces. The dust is definitely the main enemy, it can damage the Pen and impregnate your Cotton Tips making them unusable.


6. Pay attention to Powerbank Pins

Liquid leakages can lead to oxidation of the Pins present on the Powerbank. Always maintain maximum hygiene on your Powerbank to prevent oxidized Pins from getting damaged and falling off altogether.

If you have any sense that your Pod needs to be changed and that there is a possibility of fluid leakage, do not connect the Pen to the Powerbank.


7. Avoid unplugging and re-attaching Pen and Powerbank repeatedly


Repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the Pen and Powerbank can lead to contact failures. Therefore, we recommend connecting and disconnecting your Pen only when it is necessary for your experience.



8. Clean the Pen well in case of liquid leakage

In case of liquid leakage, it is very important to clean the whole device with the maximum possible hygiene. It is essential to maintain hygiene especially in the area of charging and contact with the Powerbank, to avoid a bad connection with it.


9. Use the KIWI Silicon Case to protect your device

A fundamental accessory that was created to protect your Powerbank is the Silicon Case.

Thanks to the silicone material, it protects the device from scratches and falls. In addition to the great utility the new Silicon Case allows you to create many aesthetic combinations thanks to the availability of eight colors.


10. Use official KIWI cable and power supply

Together with your Starter Kit or your Pen you find the official KIWI cable and power supply, use these to charge your KIWI and preserve the battery status of your device.


The hygiene and safety of your KIWI ensures a very high quality to your experience.

What method did you not know and do you think could be more useful?