Father’s Day: How KIWI promotes unity

KIWI has always been born with the idea of changing people’s habits and lives, this change also aims to bring all KIWI lovers closer to their loved ones, without being afraid of any smells or sensations attributed to old habits and the negative aspects of traditional cigarettes.

No parent would want their children to smoke, especially those who smoke, because they know well the physical and mental damage that this bad habit can cause. The fundamental issue is that a teenager who is born and raised in a household where both parents smoke is statistically significantly more likely to start smoking.

If parents quit smoking they would have a more positive effect on the possible decisions of their children than that offered by parents who continue to tell children and adolescents not to smoke, but continuing to do so and giving a wrong example as well as appearing very inconsistent.


KIWI can be, and it is a solution

On the occasion of Father’s Day, we asked our great Community, how in their opinion KIWI devices helped them build a better relationship with their children, asking them various questions.

Let’s see together some answers that really fill us with pride, because they show us that KIWI is improving people’s lives at 360 degrees.

The testimony of Cristiano

“I quit smoking and chose KIWI when I found out my wife was pregnant.”

The testimony of Lorenzo

“My daughter was often annoyed when I smoked, she always told me ‘Dad quit smoking because it hurts’ and the smell on me was very annoying. KIWI was my solution.”

The testimony of Carmelo

“I stopped for my son. In the evening when I arrived home before saying goodbye I had to scrape off the bad smell of traditional cigarettes. He was one of the first people who asked me to stop smoking, cigarettes separated me from him.”

KIWI and the world of vaping can be a solution not only for parents towards their children, but also for adult sons who can save the lives of old parents who are more at risk after years of using traditional cigarettes.

A perfect example is the story that Simone told us.

The testimony of Simone

“I’m not a dad yet but, as a son I made my dad stop smoking traditional cigarettes thanks to the electronic cigarette more than 10 years ago, Two years later, he put in a cardiac stent, but the cardiologist told us that those two years when he didn’t touch traditional cigarettes really saved his life. If he still smoked traditional cigarettes, I probably wouldn’t have my dad around anymore.”


More and more children ask their parents to stop smoking

"My mom coughs", "My dad stinks..."; children don’t mince words and 'slap' their parents on the habit of lighting cigarettes.

It would seem that the anti-smoking campaign, promoted by the Ministry of Health, has paid off.

In fact, after this campaign, there was a 21.4% increase in traditional cigarette smokers who received requests from their children to stop smoking. The data emerges from the Report on the health status of the country in 2011.

Also according to the data of the campaign "Io non fumerò mai", the percentage of non-smokers who asked the smokers in the family to abandon cigarettes, increased from 39.9% to 74.3%. Over 60% of smokers said that they had been induced to change their habits, 20% decided not to smoke in the presence of children and 14% tried to quit.


KIWI: a choice of health and union

KIWI Starter Kit has been designed as a solution to a problem common to many, smoking.

The Starter Kit is equipped with two components: KIWI Pen and KIWI Powerbank.

The Pen is fully automatic and does not need buttons, it reproduces the sensations you have always felt and thanks to the Powerbank will be able to have a battery life of more than 72 hours, avoiding you to fall back into your bad habits that also burden the people around you.

Discover all KIWI products and embrace change. For you and your family.