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with KIWI is about to begin

4 simple steps to start using your KIWI

Take care of your KIWI

The attention and care of your KIWI is the basis for a longer life of the device.


Change the Pod regularly

Pods need to be replaced regularly to maintain the same flavor level. But when is it time to change the Pod? Usually the Pod must be replaced every 60ml of liquid. You will understand when to change it when the perceived taste level is lower than the initial one.


Remove the Pod when traveling by plane

Removing the Pod during air travel is recommended because the change in pressure could cause liquid leakage and therefore damage the Pen.


Use the Pen Cap to protect your Tips

Speaking of the protection of the Tips, let's talk about the latest product launched by KIWI, the Pen Cap. This product that comes from constant company innovation and priority listening to KIWI customers, allows maximum hygiene and protection of the Tips thanks to the 100% material silicone.


Avoid high temperatures

A fundamental tip to avoid problems with your KIWI is not to expose it to high temperatures, these could overheat the device and damage the liquid inside the Pod.


Store KIWI in clean and hygienic spaces

When you are not using the KIWI, the way and place in which you keep it is very important. Try to avoid dirty and dusty spaces. Dust is certainly the main enemy, it can damage the Pen and impregnate your cotton Tips making them unusable.


Pay attention to the Pin of the Powerbank

Due to liquid leaks, this can lead to oxidation of the Pins on the Powerbank. Always maintain maximum hygiene on your Powerbank to prevent oxidized Pins from being damaged and detached completely. If you are aware that your Pod needs to be changed and therefore there is the possibility of liquid leakage, do not connect the Pen to the Powerbank.


Avoid detaching and reattaching Pen and Powerbank repeatedly

Repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the Pen and the Powerbank many times can lead to contact malfunctions. We therefore recommend that you connect and disconnect your Pen only when it is necessary for your experience.


To protect the device use the KIWI Silicon Case

A fundamental accessory that was created to better protect your Powerbank is the Silicon Case. Thanks to the silicone material, it protects the device from scratches and falls. In addition to the great utility, the new Silicon Case allows you to create many aesthetic combinations thanks to the availability of eight colors.


Use official KIWI cable and power supply

Together with your Starter Kit or your Pen you will find the official KIWI cable and power supply, use these to charge your KIWI and preserve the battery status of your device. The hygiene and safety of your KIWI ensures a very high quality experience.

Everything you need and more for your KIWI

  1. Cotton Tips for KIWI
    Cotton Tips for KIWI
    As low as €4.90
  2. KIWI 1 Silicone Case
    KIWI 1 Silicone Case
    As low as €14.20
  3. 1 pc Pen Cap for KIWI
    1 pc Pen Cap for KIWI

Ultime notizie

  • KIWI: the innovative electronic cigarette now also available in Jordan
    KIWI: the innovative electronic cigarette now also available in Jordan

    The global expansion of KIWI is ongoing, and today, we are excited to announce our expansion into Jordan!

    Jordan is a rapidly developing country with rich historical and cultural significance.

    Through our partnership with Elite Vape, KIWI will now be available in Jordan, providing more people with the opportunity to transform their habits and enhance their lifestyle with an innovative alternative to traditional cigarettes.

    The Jordan vaping market: how KIWI will help the population

  • KIWI: The First Italian Vaping Brand to Attain Italian Excellence
    KIWI: The First Italian Vaping Brand to Attain Italian Excellence

    KIWI: The First Italian Vaping Brand to Attain Italian Excellence

    In the expansive landscape of the Italian industry, KIWI has established itself as a trailblazer in the vaping sector. A recent and highly significant achievement is its induction into the prestigious Italian Excellence roster, reaffirming its status as one of Italy's shining stars in the vaping industry. This development signifies a substantial leap forward, not only for the company but also for the broader vaping industry in Italy.

  • KIWI 2: Watch the official launch
    KIWI 2: Watch the official launch

    On September 5, 2023, at 4:30 PM, we witnessed the live presentation of the highly anticipated KIWI 2 from the studios of the picturesque Talent Garden in Milan. This is the latest creation from our team, promising to redefine the vaping landscape.

    The presentation was led by Mattia and Vincenzo Sparacino, the founders and owners of the brand.

    "KIWI's mission," explained founder Mattia Sparacino, CEO of Vapour International, "has always been to reimagine the vaping experience. And today, we are once again pushing in that direction." The strengths of this new product are expected to be the innovative technology combined with a fresh and reimagined design compared to current standards. "At KIWI," Sparacino continued, "we see each of our products as a blank canvas,